Life of a Young Mom 

Hi again!  I really am trying to remain consistent with the blog posts this year and I did say I am posting every Sunday! Buuuttt. Please bare with me, the last week has been very hectic at the office and home which led to me being so tired and not making time to write a... Continue Reading →


Accomplish your goals

Hi everyone. I do wish each of you had a wonderful first week of 2018!   An entire week has past... have you been true to your 'resolutions'?  The first week of this year thus far has been beautiful and personally this year seems to have started with a positive flow. I followed my strategy and it... Continue Reading →

New beginnings

Good morning! (Or good night, depending on your side of this globe)  Can you smell that?  It is the breath of a new day, new possibilities, wonders and dreams. Today, feel the sunshine as it beams against your skin or simply feel the warmth under your cozy covers if it is a gloomy and chilly... Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye

It's been over a month since i've posted. My daughters' birthday, closing off work for the year, christmas cleaning, shopping, my birthday, writing my law school entrance statement... phew!-I really did not get any spare time to blog 😓 There is so much I want to tell you all but that has to be another post,... Continue Reading →


Hi again. Short and simple post today everyone! Have so much to get completed still. Oh decluttering how fun are you 😅  Today let's continue our end of the year decluttering series, this time we talk about decluttering your energy.  My job, is to analyze a situation based on facts gathered through out a period... Continue Reading →


Hi, thanks for tuning in!  It's almost the end of November, can you believe that? Christmas is so near!  My daughter birthday is only a few weeks away, then there is my birthday, not to forget CHRISTMAS! I am a huge lover of the Christmas season so there is so much to do for that... Continue Reading →

Staying True 

Hi my daring butterflies 🤗 Another post from Samm 😉 Previously i've spoken of change, cleanse, weight gain and so forth. Mainly I urged each one of you to try and take that first step towards whatever your heart desires. However, what happens when there is self doubt or when forces attempt to pull you... Continue Reading →

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